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November 17, 2011


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H. Springer

And finally.... not having seen the release of my previous posts, I must assume a stifing hand at work, and present you with my jeremiad.

Enjoy !

There is more than a deepwater bend at "World's End" on the Hudson. There is also an invisible demographic border. At Peekskill bay, the downscale post industrial living quarters of African Americans, newly-arrived Central Americans and original colonial blue collars cluster on the hillside leading to riverfont green, with only a few token caucasian arivistes in the "artists studios" along Park Street. The diverse, economically satisfied blue collar folks of Peekskill hardly ever think anything at all about the electricity plant down below, lighting their apartments, powering their ethnic festivals, giving extraordinary fireworks shows every now & again. ( Except maybe to get a job there). These are people who accept the world as it is, do not want change, except maybe their own closer integration into the real, functioning, world from which they've been previously barred.

It is an insult to their pride, their industriousness, their beauty , positivity & vivaciousness to compare them to the recent Occupy Wallstreet miscreants, but the comparison needs to be drawn.
While the Peekskill populace goes on its hardworking way, making families, making their own future-- and thus OUR futures-- others misled by odd philosophy, crass agendists and their own lack of compass seem attracted to "social change" as almost an object of worship. The OWS crowd never even discerned what change they desired, nevertheless, they injured their own health & public profile demanding it. Foolish? Of course. They humiliated themselves defecating like animals in public before disbanding for lack of purpose. It is an amazing testament to American tolerance, but other than that a sickening symptom of a ruined elitist philosophy.

In a similar manner, those who would be "fashionable" oppose a necessary local electricity provider, a provider not so important to people in Garrison , with top NYC jobs, trust funds, and real estate
keeping them afloat to seek change for its own sake, but nevertheless essential for the living of lives tied to Malls, box stores, small businesses, and small manufacturing entities in the Hudson Valley, all of which could not survive with erratic or overpriced energy.

Look within yourself. Is there indeed a hidden class agenda driving your erstwhile "Nuclear Fears"? Do you indeed believe that Garrison real estate prices can only suffer, were blue collar entities like Peekskill & Poughkeepsie to thrive? Are you more comfortable without jobs for those you would hate to see walking your elite sidewalks with you? Can this all be neatly tied up, hidden, and shipped out as a bogus "Clean Energy" campaign.... when Indian Point is ALREADY the cleanest energy available?

It would be immoral of you not to ask yourself,.... would it not?

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    The Hudson is measured north from Hudson River Mile 0 at the Battery at the southern tip of Manhattan. The George Washington Bridge is at HRM 12, the Tappan Zee 28, Bear Mountain 47, Beacon-Newburgh 62, Mid-Hudson 75, Kingston-Rhinecliff 95, Rip Van Winkle 114, and the Federal Dam at Troy, the head of tidewater, at 153. Entries from points east and west in the watershed reference the corresponding river mile on the mainstem.

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