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July 29, 2010


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Andre Ozanne

Dear Web editor i appreciate that this comment post is not what the facility is intended for but this is the only way i have in contacting the author your help in forwarding to Odessa would be really appreciated.
Ref Dora Ruth West

Dear Odessa

I am the great grandson of Dora Ruth West adopted daughter of Ada Bessie Carey my name is Andre Ozanne I was born in Guernsey Channel Islands, my grand Mother was Frieda Ozanne nee West Doras' first child.

I am presently touring the US with my family we are presently in Massachusetts, we are planning to visit St. John’s in the Wilderness on the 1 st and 2nd Of July
And I was wondering if you had any information about my Great Grandma which would of interest in places to visit etc

I would be most happy if you had any suggestions

Yours Andre Ozanne

Andre Ozanne

Dear Odessa

I have yried sending a number of times to your eathlink address but have had no success

Thank you very much for responding it was a delight to receive your note and your suggestions, I will be interested in walking around St. John’s.

The saddening news which I think you had come to conclude is that Aunty Tops passed away around 14 months ago she moved into a nursing home as living as she was became difficult but nursing home life wasn’t for her and she lost the will to carry on . As a boy of around seven years old I remember her when she visited our home with her Belgium husband Jimmy we had Sunday lunch and much laughter on my behalf was had with Brussels and brussel sprouts its funny what your memory decides to keep hold of. My Granny Frieda and Tops were a great pair full of their own character. Her ashes have been laid with her sister at Foulon cemetery.

My Aunt Christine who is married to Robin who is Ruth’s grandson was a big part of Ruth’s life and he spent a lot of time with her and helped her at Toronto lodge with the cows etc after he finished teaching at Beaucamp secondary school. She has done a lot of research of our paternal side tracing back to the mid 1500’s back to Coutance in Normandy so she is also interested in Ruth’s origins.

For reasons, but no one seems to be able to put a finger on within the familiy, believe that Ruth had American Indian ancestors, have you come across anything that would substantiate this?

My Aunt has asked me to buy a copy of your book so I shall be visiting the state park visitor centre and perhaps Bear Mountain Inn to see some old photographs . Is there a library that you know off nearby that has photographs around the turn of the century?

Apologies for so many questions but I am looking forward to visiting the area.

All best Andre

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