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July 06, 2010


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H. Springer

Dave Lochbaum ought to know better than to conflate ancient on-line water ingress, (long cured) with any current water ingress, which is 100% off-line... happening only during outages when the fuel is offloaded, and all the systems are in cold shutdown.

If I hadn't just read the article, I would have said Mr. Lochbaum has too good a reputation to endanger his credibility in such a way!

But the conclusion is inescapable that Lochbaum has indulged himself, and taken the ever present activist dodge of mixing apples with oranges, strongly implying (if not overtly stating) that the 1980 problem is still current. (It is not).

Water is everpresent in a steam plant.Indian Point has no online water ingress problems. If IP has some wetness present during outages, none of it can have any bearing on the reactor (which is empty at these times), or on (normally) high pressure systems, which are cold, secured, and depressurized.I'd like Mr. Lochbaum to grant us a sequel, in which he restores his credibility, by making this distinction.

Lacking that, I might add that your Gothic proclivities are overly well served by your purple font, accentuating Lochie's purple prose.
Nice touch ! Now all you need is some dayglow spray paint.

H. Springer

I see that my comment of yesterday afternoon has not appeared. I urge you to allow your readers to know that Mr. Lochbaum has included a disastrous blunder in his article, misnaming and/or misplacing various technical items where they clearly do not exist.

Certainly the public deserves NOT to be intentionally misled.

Lochbaum either maliciously, or incompetently places Fan Cooler Units 31, through 35 in Unit #2, even providing a perspective drawing, clearly labeled with the impossible, wrong information, compounding the blunder by mutually reinforcing textual, and graphical errors.

Is this to be deemed acceptable?

(The Fan Cooler Units at Indian Point #2 are labeled 21 through 25).

Let us examine the possibilities behind Mr. Lochbaum's blunder. He might have unearthed what he thought was a juicy tale about Unit#2, but lacked any supporting documents, since his tenure at Indian Point was with NYPA at Unit#3. Believing that gullible readers would not know the difference, he might have maliciously woven false information into an anti-Indian Point tapestry of lies, intending to fool what he obviously thought was a pack of fools...you and I.


He might have very honestly never noticed that his tale of water woes was replete with impossibilities, quite unintentionally placing Unit#3's Fan Cooler Units 1/2 a mile north of where they actually are, blending by blunder so to speak, setting himself ( and his readers) a dangerously low standard of veracity, fact checking, and attention to detail.


The general standard of veracity of ALL Mr. Lochbaum's writings may be set low, simply to concoct the most disturbing stories possible, thus prolonging his career as "industry Jeremiah", by creating purple nonsense in general, the better to please his paymasters at UCS.

It is up to the reader to decide whether being anti-Indian Point grants license to lie.

It is up to the reader to decide whether suggesting unlikely catastrophes posited on mistaken information is a public service.

It is up to the reader to determine whether incompetency in industry opposers is as reprehensible as it would be if displayed by those in the industry.

It is up to the administrators of "On Hudson" to decide if readers deserve to know the truth.

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