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November 12, 2008


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Jb Abel

I had a sighting on Halloween night, 1983 in Chappaqua, NY. The UFO looked like a huge manta ray shape the size of a city, lying low. There was also a small saucer to the left of it. The strangest thing is that nobody else saw it, or would look up even after I would ask them to. Almost as if there was a force not allowing anyone to see it. I knew what I saw, but now I know I'm not alone in seeing it.


I witnessed the hudson valley UFO in July of 1983 in Millwood NY. It was a mass sighting, there were 13 of us at a barbecue. I was 13 at the time. There has not been a single day in my life that has passed that I don't think about what I saw that afternoon. It was 7pm so it was still daylight. Unlike other UFO sightings it was not at night. The craft I saw was massive. The size of a football field. It was hovering just above the tree line. I could have thrown a rock at it. It made no noise. It made the Phoenix lights sighting look uninspiring.

Don Burnell

Phil Imbrogno lied about his educational credentials (he has no college degrees whatsoever) and his claimed military service as a Green Beret special forces officer in Vietnam. He never served in the military at all. His books are pure fiction brought to you by the mind of a total fraud. He took advantage of numerous UFO sightings in the hudson valley in order to make lots of money selling fictional books. Now he's hiding like he should be as the total con artist that he is.


In '83 I worked at Lamont_Doherty Geography building off Rt 9W in Palisades,NY. One night my self and some scientists were on the roof of the building and saw that object move right up the Hudson River. it seemed to come from NJ, moved north passed us then headed back the way it came. We were not smoking anything!


I saw the famous boomerang UFO in the daylight back in the late 1980's drifting north along the Sprain Brook parkway in Yonkers, NY. I wasn't very much into the news at the time and didn't know anything about the rash of sightings in Westchester. It wasn't until I saw a program on TV back in 2009 describing the Hudson Valley ufo that I learned that what I saw was such a common sighting. I've been searching the internet looking for others that may have witnessed the UFO in Yonkers on that day--so far no luck.


I saw the same thing, a circular object which seemed to be floating over the NY Thruway between the Tappan Zee and Yonkers. It was the fall of 1982 and I was riding with my parents to visit relatives in LI. I remember it wasn't quite dark but almost and I thought it was a strange looking object as it had mult-colored lights around it. For years it's always been in my mind as maybe i was imagining something but researching as I got older I see others saw the same thing.

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