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October 16, 2008


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Barry Miller

As a wind turbine engineer I need to provide this information.

My experience with this type of wind turbine is that they are only 1/2 as efficient as a horizontal axis turbine with aerodynamic lift type airfoils. There have been many recent designs of the drag-type machines like this one which do not provide the power outputs as advertised.

It is disconcerting that such a huge amount of money has gone into a company which does not appear to have a working model nor is there any aerodynamic indication that these turbines will provide the power outputs being proposed.

As far as mounting wind turbines on structures, first of all any wind turbine needs to be installed at least 30 feet above any obstructions like trees and buildings within a quarter mile in the direction of the prevailing wind resource.


Barry K. Miller, PE

Saulius Pakalnis

AeroCity Urban Wind Turbine has blades of airfoil profile, which gives a lift force like wing of a airplane(Darrieus rotor). The problem is that at low wind speed the lift force is miserable, as total area of blades is too small. Airplane also needs to get some minimum speed to rise itself from the ground. Anyway this is good rotor for high wind speed (more than 5-6 m/s). For wide band wind speed applications you need Savonius (has large area and works well at low wind speed) and Darrieus (works well at higher wind speed) rotor hybrid, - something like Tulip rotor.

Rosu alexandru

Could you help me to obtain the email of Mr. Bill Jacoby, AeroCity LLC CEO. I tried to contact him on [email protected] but the email returns back and also the company site I can not acces or see.

I want to discuss with him about his urban wind turbine.

I am thanking you in advance.

Residential Vertical Wind Turbine

What a great read. It is great to see more people getting involved in the renewable energy movement - especialy in wind energy.

I am noticing more and more that governments are investing money into wind turbines and solar systems for renewable energy. This is a fantastic thing to see.

chester jacob

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don bartell

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don bartell

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chester jacob

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