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February 01, 2010


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Jack S Meade

I am the last living direct descendent of the Meade family whose
roots were in the Chelsea, Castle Point, Low Point area. My great
grandfather, James Van Duser Meade owned the JVM Brick Company lo-
cated in Castle Point. My grandfather was Sebastian Meade who was
born in Chelsea and was a founder of the Chelsea Yacht Club serving
as Commodore in 1906. His sister, Henrietta, married Moses Wake-
man Collyer, a famous Hudson River Sloop captain and owner and co-
writer of the book, "Sloops of the Hudson" with J. Verplanck. My
father, Harold D Meade was born in Chelsea and grew up with John
Lyon Collyer also born in Chelsea and who became CEO of the BF
Goodrich Co. for 25 years during which time the synthetic tire and
radial tires were developed.
Our roots are deep in this hamlet on the Hudson.
I am 80 years of age and retired in Reno NV. I continually search
for geneological data regarding my ancestors and if you can provide
any factual information of the JVM Brick Company when it was in
operation in Castle Point, I would be appreciative. When James
passed on, my grandfather, Sebastian, inherited the business and
operated it until 1936 when he retired.

Jack S Meade

Greg Meade

I have to correct my father as he has a son, grandson, and GREAT grandson, all with the Meade name and all descendents of the Meade family to which he referenced. All of us live in California and none of us have ever explored the wonderful area of the country from which our roots were seeded. One day, I hope to visit the area. Sincerely, Greg Meade

Jaci Zaboroski (Martin)

I use to live in Chelsea when I was very young. 21 market st. I remember the house well. I have been looking for the history of the home. I see it is for sale and they say it was built in 1890. but that is all I know and would love to know the history of the home. I do remember one thing I thought was cool. there were # on the upstairs bedrooms doors. I loved that home and the town, they always had things for us kids to do holloween and Christmas Santa would come to see us at home. And the store down the street. Swimming in the Hudson River.Hmm if anyone has information they would like to share I would love it. We moved in the mid '60's Thank you , Jaci

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